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What Redlands Community Members and Business Owners say about Karen…

  • Alan Roche - Capalaba resident

    As a resident of both Redland Shire and Redland City I see many similarities in our current Mayor Karen Williams and our former Mayor the Late Eddie Santagiuliana. Chief among these are: a passion to serve the community, a vision to see Redland City grow sustainably and a willingness to go the extra mile

  • Ray White, Chairman and Resident of Redlands - ClareHaven Project

    Karen has my heartfelt thanks for the great effort she has provided to the ClareHaven project. This is an initiative of St Anthony’s Catholic Parish, Alexandra Hills to provide young adults with a disability to live independently in an integrated setting in our community and to provide affordable housing to those in the broader community who are experiencing economic stress.

    As a committee member Karen has applied her solid local knowledge, boundless energy and contacts with professional consultants and representatives from all levels of government to enable the successful funding and construction of 15 housing units for independent living. She has been a wonderful driving force in the project and has contributed greatly to achieve a marvellous outcome.

  • Brendan Bourke, Operations Manager - Employment Access BoysTown

    Councillor Williams has been instrumental in BoysTown establishing education, training and employment programs in the Redlands for disadvantaged young people, especially in and around the Capalaba area.  Councillor Williams continues to be a strong supporter and advocate for programs and services to assist marginalised young people.  Councillor William’s continued support has also been instrumental in the ongoing success that BoysTown achieves with young people in the Redlands.

  • Chris Webster, Mentor One Coordinator and Resident

    Karen has always impressed me with her passion for our community. I have been associated with her through the in school mentoring program run by Boystown, and the Capalaba State College Swimming Club. Karen works tirelessly for our community, cares about the sustainable future of our City, and is a valuable asset to our Council. I hope to have her as my Councillor for many years to come.

  • Bill Parker, Resident

    I first met Karen about 6 years ago, we had a disagreement on some policy that she was mooting at the time.  Since that time we have had many more debates.  These debates have happened using media, email, telephone and over cups of coffee and cake.  The coffee and cake bit, well over the years we have become friends as well as adversaries.  The one thing that has always struck me with Karen is her fighting nature for the things she believes in.  Her fight for her division, her efforts to better the Redlands and her endeavours to maintain tradition, but still accept progress.  It will be a sad day for Redland City if Karen ever decides not to seek re-election.

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