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What Redlands Community Members and Business Owners say about Karen…

  • Robert Quail AM (Resident and former Redland Citizen of the Year)

    I support Karen Williams because she has always honoured her promises in her exemplary 12 years’ Council service and she is totally committed to the Redlands Community.

  • The Hon John Mickel - Former Speaker of the Queensland Parliament and Government Minister

    My first conversation with Mayor Karen Williams left a lasting impression.  I was Transport Minister at the time in the Queensland Government when within minutes of meeting she turned the subject to the urgent need for public transport and transport infrastructure for the City. 

    She was a strong advocate for her City then, and she still is today.  Karen Williams as a doer, not just a talker - she thinks ahead and outside the square in order to make things happen.  She has a passion for her city and its future which drove her then as a divisional councillor and drives her even more today as Mayor.

  • David Crisafulli - Former Local Government Minister

    In my time in local government, few leaders have impressed me like Karen Williams.  She has a deep love for the Redlands and isn’t afraid to fight for her community.

    Her ability to balance economic growth with protecting the special way of life for your community is a tribute to her leadership skills.

  • Mark Hands - CEO / Executive Principal - Australian Industry Trade College

    The level of initiative displayed by Karen Williams and her council colleagues was “light years” ahead of the other regional contenders as we considered where to locate the next AITC campus. Karen led the business discussions in the true spirit of a public servant with empathy, astute business acumen and patience. She sought to responsibly offer “hassle free” pathways for attracting the AITC in service of her local community.

    The AITC is a not for profit organisation and the sensitivity displayed by the Redlands Council team was impressive. They understood that the positive impact of our college would be significant while also grasping the limits to our financial resources in establishing a new campus. They were patient, visionary and wise in their advice during our establishment and Redlands community will reap the benefits, particularly amongst the youth and the employers in local industry.

    Leadership takes people on a journey to a better place. It requires, vision, intelligence and courage and Karen has displayed all of these qualities in spades in our interactions with her as the Mayor of the City.

    I look forward to joining Karen and the Redlands community in their desire to improve opportunities and benefits for everyone.

  • Joy Bonney (President - Capalaba Meals on Wheels)

    Karen was been a tremendous asset to Capalaba and the Redlands over the past 12 years, as both a volunteer and inspirational leader in our community.

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