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Williams calls for Councillor to stand aside

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams has called for Councillor Craig Ogilvie to withdraw from this month’s Council election after he confessed to using Council resources to access pornography and film his own sex acts.

Mayor Williams said she had resisted getting involved in the matter until now, but felt she had to act after receiving numerous calls from residents for Cr Ogilvie to be sacked.

“With an election fast approaching I would have preferred to let residents pass their own judgement at the ballot box so up until this point I have tried to keep at arms length,” Cr Williams said.

“But after receiving countless calls from concerned residents over the past two days urging me to do something I feel compelled to take action.

“While I don’t have the power to sack Cr Ogilvie (only the Minister can), I can ask him to do the honourable thing and remove himself from the election and that is what I am calling for today.

“As Mayor I cannot stand by and watch as the name of this city is dragged through the mud by Cr Ogilvie’s actions.

“After hearing his sordid confessions on national radio, and the fact he is not only unrepentant for his actions but trying to excuse them, it is clear he is not fit for public office.

“The residents of our great city deserve better than this behaviour and if Cr Ogilvie had any decency he would stand aside and apologise to Redland City residents for the damage he has done to our city’s reputation.

“He should also pay ratepayers back for the cost of his mobile phone, Ipad and laptop that he has been using for his pornographic dalliances.”

Mayor Williams challenged her Mayoral opponent Greg Underwood to withdraw his support for Cr Ogilvie.

“Despite saying that ratepayers deserved and expected a fair, ethical and accountable Council, Mr Underwood has defended Cr Ogilvie’s actions, which is a complete slap in the face for ratepayers,” she said.

“Rather than condemning these appalling actions, Mr Underwood has painted Cr Ogilvie, who has publicly endorsed Mr Underwood for the Mayoralty and is a senior member of the Underwood team, as the victim.

“He should tell electors whether he believes the actions that Cr Ogilvie has confessed to, using ratepayer funded devices to film himself having sex and downloading pornography, are appropriate for an elected representative.

“I don’t want Cr Ogilvie on a Council I would lead should I be re-elected, and neither should Mr Underwood.”

Mayor Williams said she was concerned about how the report into Mr Ogilvie was made public, but was more focussed on his R-rated activities the report uncovered and that he has since admitted to.

“Cr Ogilvie thinks this behaviour is acceptable, but the people I have spoken to don’t agree. They want him out.

“What message does this send to our children?  Here we have an elected leader not only caught with his pants down but now he is telling the world that it’s ok.

“The residents who have contacted me are as exasperated and concerned as I am and they want action – they deserve action.”

Posted on 10 Mar 2016

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