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User-Pays Parking ‘on Council Agenda’

THE first hint that Redland City Council would consider introducing parking meters across the city was given at Wednesday's full council meeting. Councillor Barbara Townsend (Division 5) called for a report to investigate why Weinam Creek has been singled out for paid parking and not the city's two other ferry terminals at Toondah Harbour and Victoria Point. Cr Townsend, who represents Redland Bay and the Bay Islands, said she had asked for the report after island residents claimed this month's decision to introduce parking fees at Weinam Creek was unfair, as parking at Toondah and Victoria Point ferry terminals remained free. "The report will identify any differences between Weinam Creek and the other two terminals and explain the reasons for the fees at Weinam Creek and not elsewhere," Cr Townsend said. "If there are no differences, then I'm asking when and how fees will be rolled out at the other two terminals. "If the report finds that there are no differences between the three terminals, then I would support the introduction of paid parking at those terminals as well," Cr Townsend said. Councillor Karen Williams (Division 9) said the report signalled the council was testing the waters before introducing parking fees across the city. "Watch out Redlands because we've started something now," Cr Williams warned. "Once we hit up Toondah Harbour and Victoria Point, the next will be Capalaba and Cleveland. "We are treating these places like they are not park'n'ride stations. "We are not ready for user-paying parking, as the cost of living in Redland City is already difficult to deal with, particularly on the Southern Moreton Bay Islands," Cr Williams said. Councillors Craig Ogilvie (Division 2), Helen Murray (Division 10) and Kathy Reimers (Division 8) also opposed the request to investigate fees at Toondah Harbour and Victoria Point. Cr Ogilvie said parking fees were necessary at Weinam Creek where there were not enough spaces to meet demand but at Toondah Harbour fees were unnecessary as there was already "good" parking and extra facilities such as lighting. Cr Murray said she was concerned a report into plans for Victoria Point and Toondah Harbour car parks would create extra work for officers at a time when the council was considering job cuts. Discussion also concentrated on parking at the Victoria Point ferry terminal, where parking spaces would be reduced when a large residential unit development is built.

Posted on 29 Apr 2011

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  1. Bill Edwards commented on 15 March 2016

    The last thing that residents on North Straddie need is parking fees to the already expensive utilization of basic services that do NOT exist on Straddie. One would have to live in another world NOT TO REALIZE that access to said essential services is frustrating enough now with basic parking services at the Ferry terminals stretched to the limit for Straddie residents. To compare Straddie to Bay Islands is unrealistic. Bay Islanders have subsidized travel for starters! Dunwich ratepayers pay their dues but have no voice in matters that are vital to us. Fair go!