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The Underwood integrity challenge

Redlands Mayor Karen Williams has responded to claims by her opponent Greg Underwood that the leak about the misuse of council property by Cr Craig Ogilvie was because he “stood up for the community against Mayor Williams”.

“I am reluctantly entering this debate because I believe the matter under investigation should run its course, but it appears that Cr Ogilvie’s supporters want to shift the blame from him to me and I won’t let that happen.

“It is entirely appropriate that Cr Ogilvie’s ultimate employer, the electors of his division, get to exercise their voting rights with full knowledge of his behaviour.

“Cr Ogilvie has confessed on ABC Radio of taking sex act selfies and storing pornography on his council-provided devices – and then said he considered it appropriate conduct.

“Yet we can clearly see what Redland City Council would be like were Greg Underwood be elected mayor.

“As Mayor would he just let this slide?  As a previous general manager of council did he allow his officers to misuse council resources in this manner?”  Where is his condemnation of such deplorable behaviour?

“If any other public servant had been found with a fraction of this pornographic material on work computers or phones they would be sacked.

“Indeed, the State Librarian has only recently been stood aside for failing to take action against the former director of corporate affairs at the State Library of Queensland for a very similar offence.”

Mayor Williams said that Mr Underwood was trying to distract voters from the seriousness of the issues by finding a scapegoat, and defending Cr Ogilvie in his media release today, rather than taking a stand against the type of behaviour.

“This demonstrates weak leadership and poor judgment and puts him in the same boat as the former State Librarian; Protecting the guilty is never acceptable.

“It is obvious to voters that Mr Underwood and I have differing views on a number of fronts, but disappointingly, the biggest is how we view this latest conduct by Cr Ogilvie.

“Today’s confession makes Cr Ogilvie unsuitable to hold public office, however this won’t be the only factor that electors will be weighing.

“His opposition to the development of Toondah Harbour, calls for increases in rates and charges, and championing of higher density development in existing suburbs will also undoubtedly be factors.”

Posted on 07 Mar 2016

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  1. Kathleen Crees commented on 08 March 2016

    There are abiding issues with Greg Underwood. When he was in office our street community asked me to investigate finding a solution to our road’s dangerous entrance at Worthing Road, Victoria Point where large lorries and machinery, double horse floats, large vans and cars have to negotiate leaving and entering this entrance onto Kingfisher Road on the crest of a hill with a blind corner on one side and a blind corner and hill on the other where traffic can be on you in a moment as you try to negotiate a safe entry and a power pole directly opposite. It is very dangerous.
    I was told by the Mayor to telephone him and arrange a meeting to discuss the options which I did and he straightway criticised my English. He dismissed the Mayor’s suggestions and said that he wasn’t going to have rat-running and had nothing to say even about slip roads leading in and one out of our road which would have helped. The Mayor later said that apparently we couldn’t have anything done and would have to wait twenty years when we would be developed. We have all had a number of near escapes and I do know of one case with a double horse float and a car coming up too fast from Springacre Road which was probably not reported. I was told that there were horses on board and that they had difficulty in separating the two vehicles.
    There were also conflicting reports with him about the number of vehicles using the Kingfisher-Springacre Road for the various years and curiously the numbers went down when a considerable amount of development around us had increased the traffic. Some men in the street on two occasions did a 24 hour count and the numbers were much higher. Greg’s vehicle numbers seemed to vary and I read and presented a letter to council complaining about his “rubbery figures.”  Nothing was done.
    He came over as a weak person who preferred to do nothing and let other people make the decisions.
    The Mayor said that he couldn’t do anything and the next Mayor was the same. The Redlands stagnated and we were in debt to the koala. Poor decisions were made by inept people.  Karen Williams is the best mayor by far that I have seen in the Redlands.

  2. Damien Buckley commented on 08 March 2016

    WOW, really?

    So, by Underwood’s standards, Ogilvie is without blame, his gross conduct is somehow acceptable and the revelations of this ongoing behaviour were somehow ‘payback’ for him disagreeing with the Mayor’s stance on policy? Well, I guess at least we’re seeing what this ‘candidate’ stands for and believes in.

    Is Underwood sure his first name isn’t Frank? #FU2016!