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The Race for Candidates is Now On

With the announcement of a new look Ministry and the reshaping of the public service, mayoral candidate Karen Williams says the soil is now tilled for the establishment of a real workable relationship between Redland City Council and the State Government. “There’s no doubt this is an exciting time with fresh focus to state issues and state input. I am hopeful that this new look state departmental line up will mean a stronger understanding of local issues and local government.” “That said, we need to be aware that what Redland City needs is to have a definitive plan for the future. Much of our problem in the past with State dealings has been our inability to demonstrate a forward looking approach to our city. More than ever I’ll need the community of Redlands to finish the job and think about a fresh start on the ground here in the city.” Cr William says the next four years really excites her. “This can now be our time. It’s more evident than ever that for the Redlands to prosper, we need a renewal of the vigour and the planning that helped shape us. As a person who has grown up in the Redlands, and made the choice to stay and make the Redlands my home, I have seen the region transition from being known as ‘that place down near the bay with a few farms, into a shire, and now into a city.” “Four years we were given city status and unfortunately over the past four years we have gone backwards. No plan, no achievable vision and no economic stability, and that has cost our community dearly in terms of on-going support from other layers of Government and the private sector.” The end result of the lack of planning, Councillor Williams says, comes in the form of rate rises, tip fees, red tape, more council fees and charges. “These cost of living increases become mandatory under a no vision approach and our city gets ignored and left to fend for itself and subsequently withers as it loses that appeal for residents, existing and potential.” Councillor Williams says one of her top priorities is to establish dialogue and workable relationships with all layers of Government. “Not only is this important on the fundamental issues like roads and transport, but over the past four years the Melva Team and the previous State Government between them, have left us with a legacy of urgent issues to unravel. It starts with things like the water sell off and transport issues, and extends to the Bay, the Islands and in particular the urgent issues facing Stradbroke Island.” Councillor Williams says it will take a whole of community approach to give Redland City the fresh start it needs. “The job underway is not done yet and the area desperately needs this change. Let’s make sure we finish it on April 28th”” “Despite the radical change in the state government the need for a change in local government is still fundamental, especially considering this new Government‘s stated approach to Local Government.”

Posted on 03 Apr 2012

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