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Sailing Centre of Excellence to the Redlands’ Moreton Bay

North Stradbroke Island will soon be home to the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron with the Squadron in talks to set up the Australian Centre of Excellence in Sailing in Deanbilla Bay.

Mayor Karen Williams said Deanbilla Bay, which is located just south of Dunwich, is a world class yachting destination and the Squadron will play an important role in backfilling the loss of sand mining to the Redlands and Stradbroke economy.

“After discussions with the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron last year, I approached Council officers working on the draft North Stradbroke Island Economic Transition Plan,” Cr Williams said.

“I saw Deanbilla Bay as a unique opportunity to helping the local economy transition from sand mining to Green Industry and Sports Tourism,” Cr Williams said.

“The Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron has been an integral part of the Bayside community for over 130 years and I’m excited to about what this could mean for the long term future of Stradbroke.

“With the pressures of the withdrawal of sand mining from the economy, employment and vacancy of land, the Squadron will help support the Island to make its transition to a tourism driven economy” she said.

The Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron will use Deanbilla Bay as a staging ground for sailing in all forms and expects to begin regattas later this year.

For more information on the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron’s initiative at Deanbilla Bay contact the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron or download this position paper.

Posted on 11 Mar 2016

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  1. Kathleen Crees commented on 11 March 2016

    I still believe that the mining industry should continue on Straddie as originally planned especially at a time when we are trying to develop infrastructure for our growing population and when a downturn is experienced with world trends which affects Australia. This isn’t the time to try brave experiments with local jobs and industries. People matter! Job security ensures that people can plan their lives with greater certainty. The people who put forward the tourist development haven’t convinced me that they have followed through a proper plan AND KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT.
    A healthy society is one that has job security. People who wish to instigate change are usually in a superior position of security themselves and because they lack experience and imagination, have no idea how the other half lives! Many families live on the edge because of job insecurity. Schools could also help by teaching practical home management for all students.

  2. Ted Tickle commented on 01 April 2016

    Mayor Mayor Karen, why do you not explain to the boating public what this development proposal means to the many boaties who use Deanbilla Bay as an overnight anchorage.  Apart from being a beautiful bay destination,  Deanbilla also one of the few anchorages in Moreton that offers protection from strong wind and storms.  The RQYS has applied for addittional mooring buoys that will occupy a large percentage of the Deanbilla Bay anchorage.  These moorings will greatly reduce the number of boats that are able to anchor in the bay, whether the mooring is being used or not.  I strongly object to the mooring application as control of the anchorage at Deanbilla Bay will be in the hands of RQYS and its members.  This is NOT acceptable and information regarding this matter is NOT being promoted for obvious reason:  the boating public will NOT approve.

  3. Anthony McMahon commented on 19 April 2016

    As an avid Bay sailer I agree totally with the previous objection to handing over the management of Deanbilla Bay to RQYS or any single organisation that is motivated by personal control of a resource owned by Queenslanders.
    This location is the primary safe anchorage if caught in a storm when visiting Horseshoe Bay.
    The number of vessels visiting this location has increased significantly over the 35 years that I have been short term anchoring here and if designated swing moorings are allocated as proposed the opportunity to get a safe anchorage in adverse conditions will be severely restricted resulting in many unsafe situations.
    This proposal is totally unacceptable with the method used to communicate or gain community involvement in any changes to this important resource being inadequate, to say the least.

  4. Camille Fearnside commented on 22 April 2016

    As a local rate paying resident I fail to see how this plan is going to help anyone except RQYS. Where are the lists of employment and business opportunities for local people? The existing buildings they are talking about using are in prime waterfront position, close to the barge and other facilities in Dunwich. There would be so many better uses for this prime location for the island. They are talking about using existing buildings for accommodation but my understanding is there are asbestos problems with many of them. What about using the area for everyone’s benefit for things that we need - more parking, long term parking, temporary worker accommodation, undercover markets, cottage industry, recreational areas, etc, etc. RQYS already has been given a prime location at the Little Ships Club. This is a massively under-utilised area taken up where we also need space for parking, buses, tourism, boat launching, Air Sea Rescue, school children. RQYS is not even in the Redlands, so why have they been given any of these areas. How about some more thought and planning, as well as consultation with local community before making plans like a sailing school that will only be used sporadically? I suggest having a good hard look at what Straddie really needs for the future before allowing this proposal.

  5. Beryl Bacic commented on 02 May 2016

    I strongly object to the RQYS proposal for category 1 management rights of a large percentage of Deenbilla Bay. Currently the category is 3 being not for commercial
    Gain. Safety is paramount in the bay and this anchorage is used in SE conditions for hundreds of boats to shelter out of storms and severe weather conditions. Restrictions to the available area for anchoring will mean potential safety incidents in the Bay which we have kept to a minimum until now. The number of boats are increasing they all need to anchor. The bay belongs to the people for the use of the people not for a organisation for financial gain. Do NOT Approve this RQYS request and restrict the number of moorings, SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT THE BAY KEEP IT THAT WAY

  6. Elizabeth Walburn commented on 16 June 2016

    Liz Walburn 16/06/2016

    DEANBILLA STRADBOKE ISLAND; This is a popular boating paradise and SHOULD be left as is.
    It should be for the WHOLE PUBLIC to use and enjoy, no moorings or shore-side development for a minority of RQYS members or any other clubs.
    It is one of the few safe anchorages for protection from strong winds and storms.  It is the safest place to come ashore and enjoy the attractions on the Island.
    There appears to have been no promotion or advertising of these plans to the general public.

  7. Barry Lockwood commented on 14 July 2016

    I fully agree with Mr. Tickles comments regarding RQYS and their smoke screen tactics to gain hold of a public boating area in Moreton Bay. I personally frequently moor in Deanbilla Bay as a safe place to drop anchor when there is a strong SE wind. Moorings for the privileged few ( RQYS members) is not on and I would hate to see the bay get like Sydney Harbour, and the Hawkesbury River where the best places are taken up with private moorings, restricting public access. As for increased tourism for Straddie, this would be a plus, however sailing regattas are generally held during holiday periods and the accommodation on the island is pre-booked, so this arguement does not “hold water”, agreed some of the shops at Dunwich would benefit. RQYS should not be allowed to increase upon their already held 10 moorings in Deanbilla Bay, in other words they should keep their hands off this prime anchorage and it should be left to the general boating public.