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Representing Redlands Not Greece

Redlands Mayor Karen Williams has slammed as irresponsible claims in the Redland City Bulletin by her opponent Greg Underwood that the state would not honour loan agreements it entered into with the council.

“The last time an Australian state threatened to renege on a loan agreement was in 1932 resulting in the sacking of state premier Jack Lang.

“Perhaps he thinks he knows something that no one else does, but last time I looked, the Queensland debt had a double A rating. Not as good as it used to be, but well above “junk bond” status.

“Mr Underwood, has to understand that this is Australia, not Latin America, or Greece. State governments honour their commitments.

Cr Williams called on the other candidates on the Redlands 2030 ticket to tell the public where they stand on the issue.

“I’m asking councillors Boglary, Ogilvie, Hewlett, Bishop and their supporters, are they with Mr Underwood, or are they with the council? Do they support leveraging council’s assets and strong financial position to fast track state road projects or would they rather ongoing congestion.

“Nonsense claims like this would make it difficult for Mr Underwood to work collaboratively with the state, should he be elected.

Cr Williams said this joined an increasingly long line of bizarre claims by Mr Underwood.

“He claims credit for the current town plan, which is creating so many headaches for council and for residents, when he was a Redland City Bureaucrat.

“According to his comments to the Bulletin he also appears to be considering a purge of council officers, publicly canvassing the merits of a former council CEO as a replacement for the current one.

“But while he is dreaming about what he would do if he were mayor he has yet to advance one concrete suggestion for dealing with the existing traffic problems the plan he claims to have created is causing.”


Posted on 12 Feb 2016

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  1. Damien Buckley commented on 16 February 2016

    Those aren’t uneducated, sensationalist comments from Underwood at all. God help us…