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No Excuses School Road Safety Guide campaign

Local school children are set to be safer in school zones following Redland City Mayor Karen Williams’s launch of the No Excuses School Road Safety Guide at Redland Bay State School today.

Cr Williams said the No Excuses Guide, produced by Redland City Council with a Community Road Safety Grant for the Queensland Government, highlighted the most common road safety issues experienced around schools.

“Nothing is more important than the safety of our children, wherever they are. And this event, led by Redland Bay State School captains and with participation and performances by many children, put our precious kids in firm focus,” Cr Williams said.

“We all live in a world where the pace of life seems to be constantly increasing. There is so much to fit into each day that it’s easy to miss that ‘40’ sign when approaching a school zone and tempting to stay that little bit longer in a two-minute zone waiting for our children to arrive.

“That’s why the No Excuses guide has been developed as a resource for schools, to help empower them to undertake tangible and practical actions to address their individual circumstances.”

Mayor Williams said the No Excuses guide would be distributed to all Redland schools follow the launch event, also attended by Mr Don Brown, Member for Capalaba, representing Main Roads and Road Safety Minister Mark Bailey and a number of Redland school principals.

“I understand the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads is keen to use this guide as a model to be rolled out throughout Queensland schools following the Redlands introduction,” Cr Williams said.

“From a Redland City perspective, the project reflects Council’s broader commitment to transport. Work has also begun on a transport strategy, to identify and move towards addressing the issues that our residents and commuters face in getting from A to B in a timely and safe manner.”

Posted on 28 Mar 2017

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