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More Than Half of the New Candidates Back Karen Williams

More than half of this year’s Redland City Council candidates back Karen Williams’ call to cap rates and control debt. Ms Williams said immediately after nominations closed she sent an email to all the new candidates congratulating them on nominating and asking them to indicate where they stood on six key points. A copy of the letter can be found here. Candidate_Letter.pdf “It’s important that all of us know where these candidates stand. Too often elections are about personalities, but I think what you plan to do is more important than who you are.” Councillor Williams said that the six points were:
  • A cap on rates to the CPI or less
  • Abolishing domestic tip fees
  • Maintaining and better managing current population targets
  • Cutting bureaucratic red tape
  • Controlling Council debt
  • Making Redland City Council processes more efficient, transparent and fair.
“I can report that out of the 21 potential councillors emailed, 16 responded positively. I have yet to hear from the other 5”, Councillor Williams said. The 16 who responded positively were:
  • Alan Beard
  • Alan Roche
  • Bob Pollock
  • Brett Thompson
  • Brian Howard-Clarke
  • Bruce Smith
  • Charles Johanson
  • Corinne Tomasi
  • Geoff Fowler
  • Julie Talty
  • Kim Hardman
  • Lance Hewlett
  • Louise Denisenko
  • Mark Edwards
  • Mike Verry
  • Richard Matterson
Of those 16 candidates, 3 made extra comments. Mike Verry wants to cap SMBI population at a sustainable rate while both Brian Howard-Clarke and Lance Hewlett want to freeze rates. “These are more stringent rate targets than the ones I have set myself,” Ms Williams said Karen Williams said she had not written to current councillors as they had voted to raise rates in the future and had imposed domestic tip fees, therefore they cannot sign up to the six points. “We know where current councillors stand as they voted to endorse council’s rates strategy which involves raising rates by between 4.5% and 5.5% each year of the next term of council.”

Posted on 04 Apr 2012

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