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Karen Committed to Bringing Back the Redlands

With three weeks to go until the local government elections, the prospect of change is bringing anticipation and excitement to the Redlands. Redland City mayoral candidate Karen Williams announced today she is unavailing her new policy platform, with a commitment to reduce rate hikes, eradicate tip fees and bring back liveability to the region. “I have spent over 14 months campaigning for Mayor and listening to the community’s concerns. People are feeling let down; they are hurting in the hip pocket and are very worried about the future for their families and the city.” Cr Williams says that a Four Pillar approach to a Williams led council will see an end to the commitment of the previous Council to raise rates and continue to borrow at an alarming rate. “Economic Viability, Environmental Responsibility, Social Equity and Cultural Vitality, are the four pillars and reliability, consistency and sustainability is what the ‘The Four Pillars’ will deliver to the Redlands.” “My campaign has been heavily focused on attaining the core needs of the Redlands, through listening to the wider community’s concerns.” Cr Williams’s policy summaries and her approach began appearing on her website this week. “We have more to come between now and the election. I’d strongly encourage all residents to take a look because it is important that voters take this opportunity to see the stark differences between what they have had to put with and pay for over the last four years and what the next will be like under a Williams led Council.” Cr Williams is reminding residents that Council decisions have an immediate impact into the family and the pocket.“ “Council decisions directly affect your work and lifestyle choices, your personal welfare, the health of your local business and where your children will live and work.” Cr Williams says that the Councils’ former commitment to cost increases has also cost the city’s rental residents dearly. “With every rate rise has come a rent increase. With water costs spiralling renters get the bigger bill. The past Council had a user pays over and over again mentality. It has to stop.” “It’s imperative that people understand the importance of the upcoming election and what it will mean for the future of the Redlands, themselves and their families.” “Rate rises, tip fees, red tape, council fees and charges and cost of living increases are the fundamentals of local government. They urgently need to be addressed and that’s what I am promising.” Download the full details of Karen’s Policies here.

Posted on 15 Apr 2012

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