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Innovation cluster pilot bid for Redland City

Mayor Karen Williams wants Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull as partner for a pilot innovation cluster in Redland City.

Cr Williams in a letter to the Prime Minister commended the Government on its recently announced National Innovation and Science Agenda which she said complemented Redland City’s successful open for business mantra that has created new economic opportunities in our city. 

“There is a wealth of talent in the Redlands just waiting to be tapped and the exciting National Innovation and Science Agenda provides the ideal opportunity for us to do so,” she said.

“I am writing to you on behalf of Redland City to invite you to be part of an exciting collaboration that I believe will deliver real economic opportunities, not just to our city but also nationally.

“One such opportunity is the creation of an innovation cluster here in the Redlands where people can go to turn their ideas into reality. Redland City would be a perfect site for your Government to pilot such a cluster, in partnership with Council.

“An area of innovation often overlooked is collaborations and partnerships that help to generate opportunities; it is this level of relationship and collaboration that I hope to initiate through this invitation to establish a pilot innovation cluster in Redland City.”

Cr Williams told Mr Turnbull that while Redland City is a great place to live, work, play and do business, there were challenges in taking the city forward and securing its future. 

“We need to create training and employment opportunities now and into the future.  Currently 60 per cent of residents leave our city each day for work or education.  This statistic means one of our biggest exports is our youth and talent and I am determined to halt this talent leak,” she said.

“I believe there are also opportunities for your Government to work with Redland City Council through this initiative to reverse this exodus of workers by unlocking the city’s potential and creating employment and training opportunities. 

“There are several possible locations for this cluster, including the Thornlands Integrated Employment Area that I have nominated as an employment hub.  Council is also looking to purchase other properties that may also be suitable for a cluster.”

The Mayor told Mr Turnbull that when it comes to innovation Redland City has the runs on the board.

“We have some very talented locals and schools creating some amazing products, businesses and services,” she said.

“Take local company Buckham and Duffy for example: two young men who are creating innovative digital solutions on emerging platforms.  Then there are local schools where our future leaders are learning about robotics.  Our world-class Sheldon College will be taking a team of students to Missouri next month to take part in an international robotics competition.   Just last week, Alexandra State High School launched their Qld Minerals and Energy Academy Centre of Excellence in Automation and Robotics in partnership with QUT and QLD Resource Council.

“These are just a few examples of the amazingly talented people we have doing amazing things and I believe your Government’s renewed focus on innovation has the potential to give these talented Redlanders the chance to take their ideas further than ever before.

“If re-elected on 19 March I would like to discuss the possible co-funding of such a facility and how we might work together to make this exciting opportunity a reality.”

Posted on 14 Mar 2016

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