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Extending a Hand of Co-operation to New and Re-elected Local MP’s

As the 2012 state government election comes to a close and local elections move to fever pitch, local mayoral candidate Karen Williams is pleased to congratulate Campbell Newman on his victory and has also extended a hand of co-operation to new and re-elected local MP’s. “Congratulations to Peter Dowling and Mark Robinson on the huge increases to their margins. I would also like to take this opportunity to wish Michael Choi the best for his future and thank him for his friendship and our cooperative partnership that allowed us to deliver some great outcomes for Capalaba such as Clarehaven (housing for young people with disabilities). I am looking forward to building the same relationship with our new MP for Capalaba Steve Davies. The focus now must be on building a revitalised Redland City.” Councillor Williams says she intends to sit down with each of the State MPs over the next two weeks to finalise her fresh start plan for Redland City. The 2012 Mayoral Candidate for Redland City, Councillor Karen Williams says the Queensland State election results, and the huge swings seen in Redland seats, clearly shows Redland residents are seeking massive change. “Redland voters have spoken in the State election. It is clearly time for a fresh start. We have faced a barrage of issues in the past three to four years and it’s time for a cohesive approach to the city.” “It starts with things like our water sell off, and the treatment by the previous government to key issues, such as North Stradbroke Island, Moreton Bay, and our Island communities. Most important are our cost of living increases. Now it’s time for a local government to get back to basics and ensure that together, we work hard to create the city we know Redland should and can be.” “Rate rises, tip fees, red tape, council fees and charges are impacting our cost of living and are the fundamentals of local government. They urgently need to be addressed and that’s what I am promising.” Councillor Williams says a Williams’s led Council is best positioned to work with the new State Government. “I believe that the newly elected State team, and a “Williams led” Council will provide a refreshing level of dynamics for the city built on a cohesive partnership with the State Government that is intent on cooperation and advancement.” Councillor Williams says, “Some key priorities that need to be addressed, that affect both the region and State, include regulation of costs of bulk water charges, lack of affordable and integrated public transport, overdue infrastructure, in particular on our island communities, and a focus on youth and youth related issues including education.” Councillor Williams says her plan is to begin with engaging local MP’s immediately and then to ensure Premier Newman is fully up to speed on the major issues for the city. “I want to ensure that the Redlands remains a priority on the State Governments agenda. We need to sit down and really tackle the issues head on.” Karen says, “It’s imperative that the state government works closely with local governments effectively in order to better serve the people of Queensland and local areas.” “It will take a whole of community and a whole of Government approach to give Redland City the fresh start it needs. The job is underway with this weekends result. Let’s make sure we complete the job on April 28th”.

Posted on 25 Mar 2012

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