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Crime and Corruption Commission to take no action relating to my self-referral

I have been advised that the Queensland Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) does not intend to take any action relating to my self-referral of claims of corrupt conduct by myself, councillors and council staff.

In its determination, the CCC has cited the absence of any reasonable suspicion of corrupt conduct by Redland City Council, as required by Section 38 of the Crime and Corruption Act 2001, as well as a lack of any formal notification or statutory declaration in support of the allegations.

Further, the CCC said no complainant has submitted a proper and compliant complaint to the CCC in support of the allegations.

Those making the scurrilous and completely unfounded allegations against me, councillors and council staff have been repeatedly advised to provide evidence to back their accusations and have been unable to do so.

While I encourage robust debate on issues affecting the Redlands and welcome critical analysis, I believed this course of action was necessary to protect the reputations of this City, its councillors and council staff from a malicious campaign of lies and deceit.

I welcome the CCC's determination and hope that debate around the important issues facing the Redlands today can return to one based on fact rather than politically motivated fiction.

Posted on 29 Sep 2015

(2) Comments

  1. Jan Schut commented on 29 September 2015

    Well done Karen.  I continually tell people to “put up or shut up” and in this instance you have proved them wrong.  Let’s hope it is over now.

  2. Damien Buckley commented on 01 October 2015

    Indeed. Hopefully that will be the end of the whiners. Seems to be a minority of NIMBY complainers in the Redlands no matter what the Council is doing. Anyone who thinks the Redlands is not going ahead right now is obviously walking around with their eyes closed…