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Commitment for all councillors to undergo workplace ethics training

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams has called for improved integrity from Redland City elected representatives following the recent reports of inappropriate behaviour by a sitting Councillor and other unsavoury conduct by would-be councillors. 

Speaking on International Women’s Day – a national celebration of women – Mayor Williams said if re-elected Mayor she would require all councillors to undergo ethics training to ensure they met the standards expected by the community.

“Redland City residents expect and deserve the highest standards by their elected representatives and if re-elected Mayor I will ensure councillors act in way that reflects community expectation,” she said.

“I will require all councillors to undergo workplace ethics training to ensure they know how to respect each other and residents of this great city.

“This training will include respecting women and fair and ethical treatment within the workplace.

“In recent times the residents of this city have had to endure headlines of elected representatives participating in questionable pastimes that have tarnished the good name of this great city.

“Since the recent admission by Cr Craig Ogilvie that he had used Council resources inappropriately, I have had phone calls from people asking for a stance to be taken against this type of behaviour and I am committed to showing residents that this sort of behaviour is not on in the Redlands.

“The current campaign has also seen instances of intimidation and slandering; people are tired of the gutter politics and the childishness.

“As Mayor I don’t have the power to sack councillors that act inappropriately, as some have requested in the last two days, only the Minister for Local Government can do that.  But this commitment will ensure that councillors are clear of their expectations and have no excuses for acting inappropriately.

“I would also call on other elected representatives to join me on this commitment and work together to stamp out this behaviour in our city.”

Mayor Williams said in addition to the training she will also ask for Council policies to reflect her strong stance against inappropriate behaviour.

“Residents expect more and they deserve more and I will ask that the Councillor code of conduct and appropriate use of Council resources policy reflect these expectations,” she said.

“Elected representatives should be setting the highest standard in terms of ethics and behaviour, not lowering them, and if I am re-elected Mayor I will do what it takes to ensure this occurs and that residents can be proud of their elected leaders.” 

Posted on 08 Mar 2016

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  1. Kay Danes, OAM commented on 09 March 2016

    Well done Mayor Williams. I think ethics training should be compulsory for anyone embarking on a career in public office. They are representative of our community values. They should aspire to the highest standards in terms of ethics and behaviours.