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Abandon Paid Parking at Weinam Creek

Life on Southern Moreton Bay Islands is set to get more expensive and problematic with the Redland City Council’s plan to impose paid parking at Weinam Creek. Mayoral candidate for Redland City Karen Williams is seeking to have the Weinam Creek interim parking upgrade abandoned. “Island residents are angry and frustrated that no one is listening to them. Despite their calls over the past three years, the current council has forged ahead to insist on paid parking at Weinam Creek.” “I find it totally unacceptable that I, Karen Williams - the councillor for Capalaba am far more willing to represent the Islands than their own councillor. This shows that the current council is letting the Islands down; a fresh, workable approach is essential to this regions economic growth and environmental sustainability.” Cr Williams said her focus is based on the harmonious co-existence of environmental and economical growth. At the March 30th Council Resolution meeting which proposed the Weinam Creek car park interim project, Cr Williams said she “voted in the negative, however the vote was carried by the majority of councillors.” Cr Williams said she opposes the recommended interim ‘paid parking’ upgrade across the majority of the car park for a number of reasons. “Firstly once this revenue raiser is installed – other councillors with be reluctant to ever have it removed; secondly this has been now been expressed as a possibility for other areas of Redlands such as Toondah Harbour and Victoria Point; and thirdly it imposes more financial hardship on a part of our community that cannot afford it in most cases.” “It is a council’s duty to provide safe parking for residents; this motion is unworkable, it has nothing to do with long term improvements, it is about money and greed. Be under no illusion this is just another example of the councils thirst for desperately needed funds which the struggling islanders have to cough up.” “As a councillor from Capalaba who votes against an issue that doesn’t directly impact the residents of my division, it clearly demonstrates that I value these Islands and understand the distinct needs of this unique part of our community. The Southern Moreton Bay islands are inherent to Redlands charm, lifestyle and cultural heritage.” Cr Williams said she has been “providing the community with support at various protest meetings across the Southern Moreton Bay Islands.” “The shameful sight of a protest camp outside of council, an unprecedented event in the history of Redland City Council shows the fragile state of our City. We have hit an all-time low economically, growth is going backwards and a community is up in arms.” Cr Williams said, “Considering the financial impact of the State Government on the water and infrastructure changes, the interim should be replaced with a more permanent solution based on the results of the economic and social impact statement outcomes. Not just a three year interim band aid fix.” Cr Williams said, “The council proposes to spend in excess of $1.5 million to install the interim parking upgrade”. “Now, you only have to pick up a newspaper to realise money is a precious commodity to the Redland City Council. Then, why throw away $1.5 on a feeble, short-term solution? I ask the public, where would you have that money spent? Infrastructure on the islands? Infrastructure for your young people? Jobs? Footpaths? Roads? The list is endless.” “The council’s current lack of direction indicates the cracks are beginning to show. The question must be asked; does this council have a plan for Redlands future? The Islands are the greatest assets of Redland City; they are the jewel in the crown of South-East Queensland. It is high time we start treating these communities as that.” Cr Karen Williams will propose an amendment to the Council’s decision at the next General Meeting on May 25th at 4pm, to remove the interim paid parking imposition until a permanent solution is identified.

Posted on 12 May 2011

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  1. Patricia Bonfil commented on 21 August 2015

    It is a deplorable situation for Islanders who have poured money into building lovely homes on the Islands and into the coffers of the Council. To have so little done for the Islands. They exist in a time-warp. The Council continually keep them on a backburner with promises, promises, promises to improve parking, transport. It is tragic as the Islands have so much potential. Weinam Creek has turned into a joke, so much was promised but never left the planning board. All the talk about letting the Island residents have a say or vote, I have lived on the Islands seven years and only had the opportunity to vote once re Island conditions. There is too much talk and no action.