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A People Focussed Policy Platform

As many Council workers get shown the door, rate payers face a huge rate rise and water becomes a precious commodity, Mayoral Candidate for 2012, Karen Williams is seeking community input to help finalise a ‘people’ focused policy. In the lead up to the local government elections next year, Karen Williams says, “It’s time to be clear and well-informed about our council and what it stands for and I’m seeking further public input into framing policy which will build on my platform for 2012 and beyond.” After various public forums and ongoing community petitions Cr Williams says “the key issues for Redlands include – (1) reducing rates and spending, (2) improving efficiencies and streamlining government, (3) providing safe vibrant neighbourhoods, (4) investing in job creation and improving the local economy and (5) managing growth.” Cr Williams says, “Overall, a Karen William’s policy has a commitment to keeping rates and charges down. Affordability is key. I want to involve the community in the ‘prioritising' process and establish which services such as roads, rubbish and recreation are most important to the community. Efficiency in government is vital to the people and businesses of Redland City” “Redlands residents are drowning in a sea of non-essential processes and cumbersome rules, regulations and administrative policies. The Karen Williams approach endeavours to cut red tape, reduce overregulation and streamline the delivery of services to our community.” Cr Williams was born and raised in Redlands and because of this has a strong desire to build and maintain a safe, vibrant and healthy neighbourhood. Cr Williams says her proposed policy includes “improving greenways, parks, gathering places and access to youth and recreational facilities.” “As a mother of two I want to preserve the sense of community in Redlands which I had the pleasure of growing up in. I want to gauge community opinion on these plans to ensure a family friendly, liveable city.” In response to the job losses in Redland City, Cr Williams says, “We are now in a state of negative job growth in Redlands. By investing in job creation and improving the local economy, Redland City will provide jobs, family security and safety.” Cr Williams says, she will achieve this by “keeping commercial rates and charges down and by promoting Redland City as an attractive option for outside investment.” Cr Williams says managing growth is a high priority for all levels of government. “Managing growth is much more than managing numbers of people. Redland City must improve and maintain road and pedestrian infrastructure, provide more innovative transportation options, engage surrounding cities in future planning and positively engage with the state government. “I am giving all residents and community groups an opportunity to contribute towards their future and the City’s pathway forward. I want a more people- friendly policy. We need a strong council and leadership that has a clear focus on its people” Cr Williams says concepts and policy input can be made by contacting her direct, or alternatively visiting her website to contribute. “I look forward to this vital feedback. For far too long we have had a Council that has locked itself in a small room and made decisions based on personal agendas.” “Real solutions can be found when this city has a leader that provides a strong policy based on real community input. It’s about the business owners, it’s about the families, and it’s about you. He who governs least, governs best. Let’s put the community back in the driving seat. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to contribute to Redlands future.” “You can also sign my community e-petition, which closes on the 30th of July 2011. Let’s band together as a community and help create a sustainable and diverse Redlands.”

Posted on 11 Jun 2011

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