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  • New Trade College for Toondah Harbour

    The Australian Industry Trade College will open a new campus next year in the disused research facility once operated by CSIRO at Toondah Harbour.

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  • Council Transfer of School-Age Care Services a Success

    Redland City Council has successfully transferred operation of school-age care services to several community-based not-for-profit organisations.

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  • Council Seeks Fresh Approach to Sporting Partnerships

    Redland City Council will look for partners to deliver better sports infrastructure and facilities in the Redlands. “Rather than embark on costly land searches and acquisitions and then starting sporting projects from scratch, it made good sense for us to consider how we could enhance our existing sporting assets,” Councillor Williams said.

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    Redlands Is Heading In The Wrong Direction

    Redlands is a good place to live, but it is heading in the wrong direction, according to a survey conducted by mayoral candidate Karen Williams.

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  • A People Focussed Policy Platform

    As many Council workers get shown the door, rate payers face a huge rate rise and water becomes a precious commodity, Mayoral Candidate for 2012, Karen Williams is seeking community input to help finalise a ‘people’ focused policy.

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  • Move Towards a Youth-centric Redland

    A new report that focuses on youth in Redland City has sparked calls for a fresh approach to youth related issues across the City. In light of a new report, Redland City Youth and Public Spaces, due to be presented to Council in the near future, mayoral candidate for Redlands 2012 election, Cr Karen Williams, is urging a far greater city wide approach to young people

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