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  • No Excuses School Road Safety Guide campaign

    Local school children are set to be safer in school zones following Redland City's launch of the No Excuses School Road Safety Guide at Redland Bay State School today.

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  • Ten year Infrastructure Plan agreed for State review

    Redland City Council has agreed to the Draft Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP) outlining the type, timing and location of planned infrastructure for the city over the next decade to 2027.

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  • Council asks State Government to put transport on the agenda

    Redland City Council has asked the State Government to prioritise key transport infrastructure as part of a submission to the draft South East Queensland Regional Plan (SEQRP).

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  • Promise of free city circle mini-bus if re-elected

    Mayor Karen Williams will deliver a free intra city mini-bus service for Redland residents within the first 100 days if re-elected.

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  • Redland Bay Marina station upgrade

    The peak body representing the Queensland bus industry says the state of the art design of the new Redland Bay Marina bus station should be the template for future transport hubs throughout the state.

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  • Representing Redlands Not Greece

    Redlands Mayor Karen Williams has slammed as irresponsible claims in the Redland City Bulletin by her opponent Greg Underwood that the state would not honour loan agreements it entered into with the council.

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  • Redland City Transport Forums

    In my recent city-wide survey, traffic congestion was voted as the number 1 issue for Redlanders.  Council has listened and now invites you to a series of traffic forums to be held across the City.  

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  • Council Listens to Community on PDA Projects

    Redland City Council has listened to the community and will ask the State Government to amend the plans for the two waterfront development projects in line with community feedback.

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  • Redland City Budget Leads the Way – Again!

    Redland City Mayor Karen Williams has today delivered the lowest headline rates increase in South East Queensland … for the second year in a row. Cr Williams said the $238 million budget for 2013-14 provided cost of living relief while delivering the high quality services people expected from their Council. “I was proud of Council’s first budget last year, but I am even more proud of our second, which delivers the surplus I predicted a year ago and a headline rates increase of 1.43 per cent,” she said.

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  • I Want More Canberra Funding Support for Redland City

    This week I will be highlighting the investment potential of the Redland City and asking senior federal politicians to commit to major transport infrastructure during a visit to Canberra.

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