Who will? Williams Will

  • 612ABC radio interview with Steve Austin

    If you missed my radio interview on 612ABC last week with Steve Austin, it's well worth a listen at the following link, to understand what has been achieved over the past four years and what my vision is for the next four.

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  • Council to Investigate Solar Farms

    Redland City Council will investigate creating and managing local solar farms to create alternative revenue streams and green energy.

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  • Budget 2015/16

    Council’s 2015-16 Budget provides residents with cost-of-living reprieve.

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  • Council’s Back to Basics Strategy Set to Deliver Long-term Operating Surpluses

    Redland City Council’s back to basics strategy is set to deliver operating surpluses each year from 2015-2025 and reduce debt, according to its revised Financial Strategy released today.

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  • Redland City Budget Leads the Way – Again!

    Redland City Mayor Karen Williams has today delivered the lowest headline rates increase in South East Queensland … for the second year in a row. Cr Williams said the $238 million budget for 2013-14 provided cost of living relief while delivering the high quality services people expected from their Council. “I was proud of Council’s first budget last year, but I am even more proud of our second, which delivers the surplus I predicted a year ago and a headline rates increase of 1.43 per cent,” she said.

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