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Who Is Really Running Council?

On Wednesday 22nd September Cr Helen Murray moved a motion in reference to the Cleveland CBD Master Plan:

Proposed Motion

Moved by: Cr Murray?Seconded by: Cr Reimers
  1. That Council resolves not to adopt the Cleveland Centre Master Plan and Implementation Plan 2010.
  2. That Council resolves to engage the following persons or their representatives to give their considered opinion on the future viability of urban koalas in the Cleveland area as a result of Council adopting the plan as proposed:
    Dr Frank Carrick UQ
    Ms Diedre de Villiers UQ
    Mrs Deborah Tabart AKF
    Mrs Debbie Pointing KAG
    Mr Simon Baltais WPS
  3. That the future of the Cleveland Master Plan be based on the best outcome and viability of the urban koalas in the Redlands
Was Cr Murray's motion really intended to further defer the Cleveland CBD Masterplan? Was she trying to prove another point in putting this motion as she threatened Councillors never to wear a green T Shirt again if they supported it? Interestingly, I am told that two of the local names put forward in her motion have no scientific qualifications to offer. They are clearly committed to the “Save The Koala” and the “Green” cause – that is no secret! Was it a test for them or their councillor colleagues? Maybe Cr Murray was putting on trial their loyalties to the “koala” cause? Was she challenging their claim to power suckled by the success of placing the current Hobson/Elliott Council in office? CARP, Wildlife Preservation Society Bayside Branch, Qld Conservation Council, Koala Action Group – all of these groups both openly and discreetly supported Hobson and her green team of Councillors in the 2008 Council Elections. image Cr Murray actually raised some very important questions and points that we should all consider. Who is really running Redland City Council? Are there faceless people driving the decisions (or lack thereof) of Council? Do they have more influence than other residents? If so, why? Some older comments made about this topic appear on my Blogger page.

Posted on 26 Sep 2010

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