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Buses to put Redlands on road to recovery

Everywhere I go in Redlands I sense that there is a mood for change, but not just any change. Residents want to be sure they are making the right decision. People say to me "Karen, we agree with you that rates and water charges are too high, that dump fees are expensive and causing illegal dumping, and that Council debt is sky-rocketing unsustainably, but how do we know you can do any better? "We voted for Mayor Melva because she was a clean-skin, we don't want to make the mistake of voting for change for change's sake again." Fair enough, not only do I understand that attitude, I agree with it. Part of my answer is to ask voters to judge me on my record over nearly eight years in council representing Division Nine, the Capalaba area. Another part of my answer is to ask residents to judge me by how I campaign. If my campaign for Redlands is positive, professional and dignified, then why should you expect anything different from me if you elect me mayor. The bus advertising is part of that campaign. I need to let residents know that I am putting my hand up for mayor so that they can then start to work out whether I am the change they want or not. I'm not taking anyone's support for granted. There is already a disinformation campaign being waged against me by vested interests associated with some current councillors so it's important I tell residents loud and clear what I stand for. If you've already made up your mind that I'm the one to back, then I'm asking you to join my grass roots campaign to get Redlands back on track. A professional campaign won't come cheaply, and your donation can help. If you can spare even $5 that will help to keep these buses running and put Redlands on the road to recovery. BTW, my daughters are telling me I must be getting old because I look "as wide as a bus". Do you agree, or am I just the "broad on the bus"? image

Posted on 19 Oct 2011

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