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  • We’ve achieved a lot but there’s still more to be done

    People often ask what Council has achieved over the past four years.  This brief snapshot below gives a summary of just some of the items myself and supportive Councillors have delivered and what I have planned for the next four years.

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  • Video list of achievements

    Here's a short video showing a ist of achievements over the past four years as Redlands Mayor.


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  • 2013 Redlands Australia Day Award Winners

    This year we received 19 nominations from community members of Redland City who believe their fellow citizens and community groups deserve to be recognised for the great things they are doing in our City. The winners were announced at a ceremony on 25 January 2013 and are:

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  • Flashing Koala Signs Put to Better Use

    Council's original 'flashing koala signs' have recently been put to increased use rather than the asset being stored away.

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  • Child and Youth Friendly Redlands Logo Drawing Competition

    Redland City Council is inviting children, 5 to 12 years of age, who live in the Redlands to participate in the design of our Child and Youth Friendly Redlands logo.

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  • Final Mayoral Campaign Blog

    With only one day to go there have been plenty of thrills and spills on the campaign trail, including unauthorised flyers with unfounded allegations about me placed in letterboxes and on windscreens at carparks, and similar messages plastered around Wellington Point train station & bus stops this morning. I have even been accused of buying friends for my Facebook page because I have almost 1500 likes and the Mayor has 119. We must be having an effect!

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    Christmas Presents

    Santa tells me Redlands Councillors will be lucky to get any presents this year. He’s writing a list and checking it twice, but see if he’s missed anything out.

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  • Keeping Our Eye on the Ball – Value What We Have

    Last week, Council decided to go further into debt to spend a significant amount of money to acquire land to construct a major regional sporting facility. The question is, should we take care of what we already have before we invest in further land acquisition without a business case in place.

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  • If you have no Critics you likely have no Successes

    In recent weeks, I have experienced an amazing amount of positive support and affirmation for the mayoralty challenge in 2012. However, as expected in public office, it is difficult to satisfy everyone’s agenda, particularly when it is personal and not really focused on the issues at hand. As the Tertulian quote states, "The first reaction to truth is hatred."

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  • Unravelling the Rhetoric

    There is often a great deal of talk, back patting & self flagellation by Council which appears to result in very little. This view is shared by Ainslie Meiklejohn-Griffiths in Redland City Council's approach to our future generations - today's young people. With her permission, I am providing you with excerpts from her report, as I believe it illustrates the many frustrations that our community experiences across the board.

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