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  • We’ve achieved a lot but there’s still more to be done

    People often ask what Council has achieved over the past four years.  This brief snapshot below gives a summary of just some of the items myself and supportive Councillors have delivered and what I have planned for the next four years.

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  • Council Budget Delivers for SMBI Residents

    Redland City Council will effectively neutralise the financial impact of new TransLink services for the majority Southern Moreton Bay Island residents as part of its 2013-14 Budget.

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  • One Step Closer for Toondah Harbour & Weinam Creek

    Council is one step closer to seeing something happening at Toondah Harbour and Weinam Creek with the State Government to announce priority development areas soon.

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  • November Newsletter

    My latest newsletter has been published to mark 200 days since being elected as Mayor of Redlands.

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  • Final Mayoral Campaign Blog

    With only one day to go there have been plenty of thrills and spills on the campaign trail, including unauthorised flyers with unfounded allegations about me placed in letterboxes and on windscreens at carparks, and similar messages plastered around Wellington Point train station & bus stops this morning. I have even been accused of buying friends for my Facebook page because I have almost 1500 likes and the Mayor has 119. We must be having an effect!

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  • Allconnex Battle Is Over But The Water War Is Not Yet Won

    If Cirque De Soleil were recruiting in Redlands, they would have a great selection of Councillors who can back flip at a moment’s notice and then take the applause with open arms.

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    Bligh’s Water Plan Costs Jobs in Redland City

    Job losses in Redland City seem to be the flavour of our future under Mayor Melva’s administration. First we lose Fisher & Paykel and their associated employment. Then the State Government barged into North Stradbroke with legislation leaving up to 650 people (direct and indirect) without future employment.

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  • The Redland Water ‘Rip Off’ - Wrap Up

    All government decisions come at a cost to the community. The water reform we have experienced over the past 5 years has cost billions of dollars and it will have to be paid for. If we encourage amendments to the current water legislation now, we will save further expenses being wasted by continuing down this path of commercialisation.

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  • If you have no Critics you likely have no Successes

    In recent weeks, I have experienced an amazing amount of positive support and affirmation for the mayoralty challenge in 2012. However, as expected in public office, it is difficult to satisfy everyone’s agenda, particularly when it is personal and not really focused on the issues at hand. As the Tertulian quote states, "The first reaction to truth is hatred."

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  • The Redland Water ‘Rip Off’

    The Great SEQ Water Debate has been reignited and, in my opinion, will continue to be a topic of public debate for years to come as the hikes in water rates take an upward spiral. Unfortunately for Redland City, we were needlessly thrown into this bureaucratic bungle called 'Water Reform'. It was completely unnecessary as the Redlands had positioned itself over the last couple of decades to be self sustaining in supplying water to our community.

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