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  • We’ve achieved a lot but there’s still more to be done

    People often ask what Council has achieved over the past four years.  This brief snapshot below gives a summary of just some of the items myself and supportive Councillors have delivered and what I have planned for the next four years.

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  • The candidates that support my 7 pledges that I WILL deliver if re-elected

    The Mayor has 1 vote out of 11, so to deliver on the pledges you have told me are important, we need councillors who will support me in delivering them.

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  • My Seven Pledges

    In 2012 I made six pledges to turn the Redlands around.  All of those pledges have been delivered.  Read on to see what I have pledged to continue my vision for the Redlands.

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  • The Karen Williams story

    What shaped me to become who I am and why did I run for Council?  Read on.....

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  • Responses to questions from Redland City Bulletin

    I have prepared responses on behalf of three questions asked of me by Judith Kerr from the Redland CIty Bulletin.   

    The request to limit the answer to 100 words was not possible, if we are trying to fairly and adequately inform the readers of the publication to responses on complex questions, that do not reasonably get explained in the ongoing reporting of these topics.

    The responses are provided in full, so that if they are edited in any way, my readers can compare any edited version.

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  • Response to query about how development occurs

    To ensure greater awareness, I have published a response to an email forwarded to me earlier today, from a resident questioning how development occurs.  I am grateful to that resident for taking the time to find out the facts rather than accept on face value what others are saying.

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  • Video list of achievements

    Here's a short video showing a ist of achievements over the past four years as Redlands Mayor.


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  • Q & A

    A list of some of the answers to your more common questions can be found here.  Further answers will be added in coming weeks to ensure complete transparency to my and Council's decisions and as they are asked.

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  • Flip Floppers

    I’ve always prided myself on being open, honest and transparent with the electors of Redlands. All candidates for Council should do the same.  This blog provides the facts, maps and timelines on how the developments came about in South East Thornlands and Kinross Road.


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  • Mythbusters

    With the council election campaign underway, it seems that a few will stop at nothing to take the focus off Council achievements over the last four years.   Read on to clarify some of the wider circulating myths.

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