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  • We’ve achieved a lot but there’s still more to be done

    People often ask what Council has achieved over the past four years.  This brief snapshot below gives a summary of just some of the items myself and supportive Councillors have delivered and what I have planned for the next four years.

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  • Responses to questions from Redland City Bulletin

    I have prepared responses on behalf of three questions asked of me by Judith Kerr from the Redland CIty Bulletin.   

    The request to limit the answer to 100 words was not possible, if we are trying to fairly and adequately inform the readers of the publication to responses on complex questions, that do not reasonably get explained in the ongoing reporting of these topics.

    The responses are provided in full, so that if they are edited in any way, my readers can compare any edited version.

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  • Video list of achievements

    Here's a short video showing a ist of achievements over the past four years as Redlands Mayor.


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  • My Letter to Editor at Redland City Bulletin re koalas

    My correction to some inaccuracies in last week's Redland City Bulletin editorial.

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  • 12 Month Report

    Last week marked one year since I was overwhelmingly elected as Mayor, by gaining almost 70% of the primary vote. There’s a long way to go, but the following newsletter outlines some of the achievements in my first 365 days.

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  • Flashing Koala Signs Put to Better Use

    Council's original 'flashing koala signs' have recently been put to increased use rather than the asset being stored away.

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  • Council Refuses To Publicly Review Koala Strategy Spending

    At the previous Planning & Policy Committee Meeting, I publicly requested a review of all expenditure allocated to Council's Koala Strategy in the General Business section of the meeting agenda. This formal request to review all expenditure was voted down by the majority of Councillors.

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  • Who Is Really Running Council?

    Was Cr Murray's motion really intended to further defer the Cleveland CBD Masterplan?

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  • Cleveland CBD Masterplan

    At the September General Meeting, Cr Helen Murray moved a motion not to adopt the Cleveland CBD Masterplan and to engage what she termed as experts to investigate the effect of this plan on the urban koala. There have been numerous opportunities for councillors to request the input of the “experts” over the previous two and half years and I argued that point strongly in the debate.

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  • Green Waste and Illegal Dumping

    In the most recent Budget adopted by “Melva and her new team of councillors”, dump fees were increased dramatically, and a trial Waste Reduction Incentive Scheme was implemented to offer something in return for these increases and to assist with reducing the community's waste. The budget for this trial is $918,940 this financial year.

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