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  • I WILL deliver more local jobs

    I WILL deliver more local jobs through Toondah Harbour redevelopment (1000 per year during construction and 500 per year once completed), Surf Life Saving Qld headquarters (200 ongoing full time jobs) and Shoreline development (thousands of jobs during and post construction).

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  • We’ve achieved a lot but there’s still more to be done

    People often ask what Council has achieved over the past four years.  This brief snapshot below gives a summary of just some of the items myself and supportive Councillors have delivered and what I have planned for the next four years.

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  • Responses to questions from Redland City Bulletin

    I have prepared responses on behalf of three questions asked of me by Judith Kerr from the Redland CIty Bulletin.   

    The request to limit the answer to 100 words was not possible, if we are trying to fairly and adequately inform the readers of the publication to responses on complex questions, that do not reasonably get explained in the ongoing reporting of these topics.

    The responses are provided in full, so that if they are edited in any way, my readers can compare any edited version.

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  • Letter to Editor (Redland City Bulletin)

    The opposition mayoral candidate forwarded a 'Letter to the Editor', which was published in this weeks Redland City Bulletin.  This is my reply to the paper to set the record straight.

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  • Video list of achievements

    Here's a short video showing a ist of achievements over the past four years as Redlands Mayor.


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  • My Survey Results Are In!

    The results from my recent survey are in. If you haven't received my email newsletter this morning that contained those results, you can now read it online here

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  • Get The Facts - State Act Dictates Development Fees

    A social media report suggesting that Redland City Council has granted a developer a 96 per cent fee “discount” is grossly misleading and ignores significant facts, including Council’s obligations under the Local Government Act.

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  • 12 Month Report

    Last week marked one year since I was overwhelmingly elected as Mayor, by gaining almost 70% of the primary vote. There’s a long way to go, but the following newsletter outlines some of the achievements in my first 365 days.

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  • Final Mayoral Campaign Blog

    With only one day to go there have been plenty of thrills and spills on the campaign trail, including unauthorised flyers with unfounded allegations about me placed in letterboxes and on windscreens at carparks, and similar messages plastered around Wellington Point train station & bus stops this morning. I have even been accused of buying friends for my Facebook page because I have almost 1500 likes and the Mayor has 119. We must be having an effect!

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    Bligh’s Water Plan Costs Jobs in Redland City

    Job losses in Redland City seem to be the flavour of our future under Mayor Melva’s administration. First we lose Fisher & Paykel and their associated employment. Then the State Government barged into North Stradbroke with legislation leaving up to 650 people (direct and indirect) without future employment.

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