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  • Beware of Social Media Impersonators

    Last night, I was informed that there was a new Twitter Account, "Karenwcouncil", that had begun to tweet information about Redland City Council which could make others believe that it is me.

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  • Council Fails To Acquire Strategic Foreshore Land for Public Use

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  • Deputy Mayor Devalues Local Community Events

    Last Friday, Councillors received a copy of a media release about Council's Corporate Sponsorship program. It read, “Several annual iconic Redland events continue to benefit from Council sponsorship in 2010, including RedFest, which received $20,000 and $13,000 for the Redlands Easter Family Festival”.

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  • Council Wasting Money On Conservation Land

    People are starting to question this Council's spending! Budgets are tight everywhere! We hear it constantly! Mayor Melva in her ratepayer funded full page advertisement today told us that “we've significantly tightened our belt as an organisation” in the 2010/11 Redland City Council Budget.

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  • Council Budget Will Impact Living Costs

    Time to start publishing the facts! Yesterday marked the third budget for Redland City Council delivered under Melva and her team of Councillors. As has become tradition for Melva and her team of Councillors, they moved the majority of the Budget and did not allow me to support many items individually. Hence, why I did not support Redland City Council's budget 2010/11.

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