Who will? Williams Will

  • Newsletter - Wednesday 27 January 2016

    My latest newsletter includes information about who is responsible for development in the Redlands, Toondah Harbour redevelopment to deliver $116m in community infrastructure, which level of government is responsible for which road, Redlands welcoming our newest college and the Redlands sporting assist program.

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  • Flip Floppers

    I’ve always prided myself on being open, honest and transparent with the electors of Redlands. All candidates for Council should do the same.  This blog provides the facts, maps and timelines on how the developments came about in South East Thornlands and Kinross Road.


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  • Mythbusters

    With the council election campaign underway, it seems that a few will stop at nothing to take the focus off Council achievements over the last four years.   Read on to clarify some of the wider circulating myths.

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