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My 6 Point Back to Basics Commitment as Mayor

  1. A cap on rates to the CPI or less
    • 2012/13 Budget - General rate income increased by 0.69%. CPI 1.3%. Previous Council proposed general rate increases of 4.5%. This is the lowest rate increase in Sth East Qld. Council Budget Highlights
  2. Abolishing domestic tip fees
    • Approved by Council 30 May 2012 (No tip fees as of 1 July 2012 - See full story here)
  3. Maintaining and better managing current population targets
  4. Cutting bureaucratic red tape
    • Council approved setting up a Redtape Taskforce on 30 May 2012 (See story here)
  5. Controlling Council debt
    • May 2013 - Council’s back to basics financial strategy given the tick of approval by Queensland Treasury Corporation (See media release here)
  6. Making Redland City Council processes more efficient, transparent and fair.

Latest Blog & Media Articles

  • Budget 2015/16

    Council’s 2015-16 Budget provides residents with cost-of-living reprieve.

    25 Jun 2015 - (0) Comments - continue reading

  • Redland City Survey

    Three years ago I wrote to our community, asking for your ideas and support in my campaign to become Mayor of Redland City in 2012.  I received some great encouragement throughout that campaign – in fact, 70% of Redlanders  voted for my vision at that Council election. 

    I know there’s always more to do and I would appreciate your feedback about what still needs attention and what your priorities are.  If you would like to share your views, please complete the survey at the following link - Survey Here

    25 Jun 2015 - (6) Comments - continue reading

  • Council adopts new Fees and Charges Discount Policy and Guidelines

    Redland City Council has adopted a new Community Benefit Policy and Guidelines for Fees and Charges Discounts designed to ensure the consistent and equitable application of fees and discounts for use of Council products and services.

    23 Jun 2015 - (0) Comments - continue reading

  • New strategy and action plan to build tourism in the Redlands

    The Redland City Tourism Strategy and Action Plan 2015 – 2020, adopted at last weeks Council meeting, sets out how the tourism industry and Council can work together to increase visitation and tourism spending in the City.

    22 Jun 2015 - (0) Comments - continue reading

  • Redland City Council meetings go online

    Redlanders will get greater access to the deliberations of their councillors following a decision at yesterday’s general meeting to post audio and video recordings of general meetings on its website, along with the minutes of previously confidential reports.

    20 Jun 2015 - (0) Comments - continue reading

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Our Council’s decisions can affect:

  • Our work and lifestyle choices.
  • Our personal welfare.
  • The health of our local business.
  • Where our children live and work.
  • Our hip pocket.

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