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Lets Keep Redlands on Track

My Pledge To You!

You have told me what needs to be tackled by Council during this term and I hope to honour the following commitments.

  • Tackle Traffic Congestion;
  • Keep rate rises low;
  • Seal all dirt roads;
  • Increase pension discounts;
  • Implement free City circle mini-bus;
  • Build more boat ramps; and
  • Keep dumps free​.

How Can Those Commitments be Delivered?

During the last five years I've helped residents like yourself, by ensuring rate rises were amongst the lowest in South East Queensland and that Council debt came back under control. 

Over the next three years I’m looking to use the return from that investment to make Redlands an even better place to live, work and play.

Our ‘Open for Business’ approach has brought new and exciting opportunities, jobs and investment to our city, without compromising our unique sense of community, lifestyle and environment.

Keeping Redlands on the right track with strong and focused leadership, will allow us to continue to attract opportunities and deliver on a sustainable plan for our future.

A plan that will:

  • provide innovative measures to tackle traffic congestion on State government roads and to improve our local road network;
  • grow our local economy and create new jobs;
  • ensure a financially responsible Council, that won’t drive up rates and will keep the budget balanced;
  • continue to invest in our unique environment – including wildlife and bushland – to keep Redlands clean and green; and
  • provide recreation and lifestyle opportunities to make Redlands the envy of South East Queensland.

I’ve worked hard to turn the Redlands around in the past five years. We’ve delivered the projects and opportunities that our city needs and wants, while keeping rates down and the budget balanced.

But there is more to be done! With the help of co-operative and responsible councillors, I’m committed to keeping Redlands on the right track.

Don’t risk changing course now – let’s keep Redlands on track.

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Our Council’s decisions can affect:

  • Our work and lifestyle choices.
  • Our personal welfare.
  • The health of our local business.
  • Where our children live and work.
  • Our hip pocket.