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My 6 Point Back to Basics Commitment as Mayor

In the leadup to the Council election in 2012, I made six pledges to the community if I became Mayor.  To date, this is what has been achieved.

  1. A cap on rates to the CPI or less
    • In the four budgets during this term, Redland City's rates have risen by around 8%, which is less than the CPI over that period, and less than any Council in South East Queensland
  2. Abolishing domestic tip fees
    • Approved by Council 30 May 2012 (No tip fees as of 1 July 2012 - See full story here).​
  3. Maintaining and better managing current population targets
    • The draft Redland City Plan 2015 will be released for public consultation from 14 September until 27 November - almost double the statutory minimum of 30 business days
  4. Cutting bureaucratic red tape
    • Council approved setting up a Redtape Taskforce on 30 May 2012 (See story here)
  5. ​Controlling Council debt
    • I have reduced per capita debt by 10%, resulting in the lowest debt per household in South East Queensland, and delivered the first two surpluses in 15 years, with a third planned for 2015/16.
  6. Making Redland City Council processes more efficient, transparent and fair.

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Our Council’s decisions can affect:

  • Our work and lifestyle choices.
  • Our personal welfare.
  • The health of our local business.
  • Where our children live and work.
  • Our hip pocket.